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Ancient Greek Painting Lessons


Basic principles of Ancient Hellenic Art. The conceptions of Order, Symmetry, Harmony and Natural Proportion in Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. - The rules of Perspective and their application. - Sacred Geometry and Mathematics in Art. Relations between human body and space in Architecture, Decoration and Painting.

What colors were included in the palette of Ancient Hellenic Painters? - Tones, intensities and differences of color perception between Pre-historic, Mycenaean, Homeric periods and modern era. - Sketches, linear design and composition. - From monochromatic to tetrachromatic painting. Relationship between the basic colors and the four primeval elements of Hellenic Cosmology. - Practice in the mixing of basic colors.

The Portrait. - Basic rules of the two dimensional representation. Anatomy and Art. - Themes of Ancient Greek painting. Mythological representations and landscape painting. Brief description of the most famous examples. An introduction into the applications of Ancient Hellenic dress and costumes.

Art Academies in Ancient Greece. Athens, Sikyon, Thebes, Ionia. Linear designs on white background and white painting on dark background. Biographies and painting characteristics of the most famous Hellenic Painters. - Apollodorus, Parasios, Timanthes, Zeuxis, Protogenes, Apellis, Nikomaxos, Polygnotos, Eumaros etc.

Craftsmanship and Art. Panels and materials. Carries and Grounds. Pigments and Dyes. - Secco painting and Gesso preparation. Vehicles and tempering. Palimpsesta and Illumination.